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ExponentialWorks (EXW LLC) is a passionate software development shop driven to provide our clients with solutions that make a difference to their bottom-line.

We offer custom made application development for desktops, servers, web and mobile; and general information technology consulting services to businesses.

Our goal is to develop cost-effective solutions that produce tangible transformations and efficiencies for our clients. We understand that software projects are enablers of success, multipliers of a client's operational capacity, and what sets the difference in a competitive market.

The reality is that in many organizations technology does not deliver on that promise.

At ExponentialWorks we will go far and beyond to ensure that we deliver solutions that make a difference. Our solutions are focused on sustainability, performance and security. We truly understand that a solution should not become an operational burden with excessive licensing costs, or staff requirements to maintain and operate a solution. Even further we leverage amazing open source technologies to keep your costs down, while providing modern scalable technologies.

We bring over 23 years of software development experience to work for you.