A simple way to bring your web app to the desktop. Take advantage of web technologies in the Desktop with first-class citizen features.

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Create desktop apps

Deskframe gives you a standard WebKit browser enviroment to deploy desktop applications using the web technologies you already html, css and javascript.

It's easy to pack and distribute your app to create a cross platform desktop application that runs on Mac and Windows.

Deskframe is extremly useful for web aplications on a company intranet and other business settings.

Go further

Use our simple JavaScript API to add desktop features to your web app with ease.

Access the filesytem, printers and more. Work with menus and manage your windows using a simple API.


Deskframe is as lightweight as it can get! Deskframe provides a native bridge to the desktop without a bloated app.


Deploying a web app is just as simple as it gets. Extending your web app functionality is done with a plain vanilla javascript library that is easy to learn.


Yes it is free! If you like Deskframe, consider supporting our work by donating!

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Read our guide and tray an example, you will see how easy is to use DeskFrame...

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Download Packer Utility

The DeskFrame Packer will convert your web app files into a single file that you can easily distribute to users.

IMPORTANT This tool is not currently supported since Deaskframe is currently undergoing a significant rewrite (12/JUN/20202).

Download Deskframe Packer Utility for Mac

Download Deskframe Packer Utility for Windows

Download DeskFrame

Version 1.0.7 Beta 2

The second release of Deskframe is here. This beta version is free for all users.

Download for Mac

Download Deskframe Packer Utility for Mac

Download Deskframe Packer Utility for Windows


The latest version of deskframe.js is from 12/JUNE/2020.

deskframe.js (Version: 12/JUNE/2020)

Check deskframe.js at Github.